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Best Soccer Fields in New York City

Many of us that live in the NYC know that coming across a great soccer field with good turf, and not occupied, is a GOLD MINE. I've put together a short list of the top fields I have come across my few months living here. I will keep on updating throughout my New York Soccer field journey.

And the nominees are!...

Brooklyn, New York

Probably the most popular and well-known soccer field in the NYC area. There are a lot of pick up games as well as rec leagues. Looking for a trainer? Chances are you can find on there giving a training session to kids. This beautiful park overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge as well as the Manhattan skyline. Moreover, there is a ton of other piers around for other sports! Summer time the fields are packed and the is great spaces for picnics and meetups.

Turf Field - Large and Small Goal Posts - Outdoor -

Soccer Field Brooklyn, NYC, Pier 5
Pier 5 Brooklyn. I set up the SKLZ net for a training session

New York, New York

Pier 40 hosts large fields both ground level and rooftop. Its full turf and is also well known for pick up and coed leagues in addition to youth soccer teams/clubs. The view is amazing, especially to the World Trade Center. Make sure you wear your turf shoes though (and with some cushion) because the field is very hard.

Turf Field - Large and Small Goal Posts - Outdoor -

turf Soccer field in New York City Pier 40
Pier 40 NYC Soccer Field Turf

Brooklyn, New York

By far one of the most beautiful indoor soccer facilities not only in the New York Area but probably in the world. HUGE facility, sports bar with draft, and outdoor lounge area looking over the Manhattan skyline. What more do you need?

Turf Field - Large and Small Goal Posts - Indoor -

Indoor Soccer NYC Brooklyn Socceroof
Socceroof Brooklyn Indoor Soccer

New York, New York

This field has large nets and turf grass. Not as spacious as the top two, but the location is centralized and it is one large field. Field is used by other teams and sports as well such as rugby, kickball, flag football. Make sure you check it out, its a really great area as well!

Turf Field - Large Goal Posts - Outdoor -

NYC Chelsea Park Turf Soccer Field
Chelsea Park Soccer Field

New York, New York

One of the best views in the city for a field. Great view of 1 World Trade. It is a multiple purpose sports facility for both softball, soccer, and football. Pick up leagues are normal...that is if there is no baseball or softball going on.

Turf Field - Large and Small Goal Posts - Outdoor -


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