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NWSL Draft 2019 Results and Changes

NWSL Draft 2019
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It is that time of the year again when college players, now current and about to graduate, have that butterfly feeling in their stomach. It is such a nerve-wracking moment when it is unknown where your talents in college have paid off to have turned the heads of the coaches of one of the top women's leagues in the world, the NWSL.

Now, before I share the final round picks, I want to share some interesting changes that have been made to the league and my perspective.

The NWSL announced rule changes to their league curriculum that has increased the following: roster size, salary cap and permitted team assistance cap for the 2019 NWSL season. In regards to the roster size, teams will now be able to have a minimum of 20 and maximum of 22 players rostered, in addition to four supplemental spots. Furthermore, there will also be a raise in the salary cap. The NWSL Salary Cap will be increasing to $421,500 for each NWSL club for the upcoming season. This includes $54,000 for the two new spots. The minimum and maximum salary figures will be rising to $16,538 and $46,200, respectively.

What great news that there has been an increase! Very exciting.

Looking at the larger picture though, how crazy is it that a female professional soccer player can actually try to live off of $16,538 for majority of the year? And, unless you are on the national team or the pool (USA / Canada), it is a very challenging lifestyle which is why a large percentage of female soccer players retire before the usual footballer peaking age.

NWSL Draft
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Anyways, away from my rant and onto sharing the awesome news of the latest draftees!

Here are the draft picks: