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Kale-a-vocado Smoothie!

This one is another one of my favorite smoothie kickstarts and it's simple!

3 Reasons This smoothie is GREAT for your body:

1. Kale is high in Vitamin K, iron, fibe, antioxidants, Vitamin A, calcium, and much more!

2. Avocado is high in Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Fiber, Vitamin B5, Copper, Folate, and more! In other words, avocados are classified as a SUPERFOOD with healthy high fat packed with nutrients!

3. Ohhh Chia Seeds. One of the most legit seeds to fuel our bodies on this planet. With loads of Fiber, Protein, Omega 3s, Calcium, Manganesium, Phospherous, Vitamins, and Antioxidants!

What I put in the blender?

2 Handfuls of Kale

1 cup of Almond Milk

1 Banana

1 Avocado

1 Handful of cut pineapple

1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds




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