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Soccer Player's Guide to Get Into Shape

Well well well... It is that time of the year when you are soon going to be entering your preseason tests, sprints, suicides, and games. Problem- you aren't in the shape you need to be.

It's okay, unfortunately I have been there too. Did I get back into shape? YES. Was it easy? NO. In how long? Around 3 weeks with 3 days off. Ps- make sure that whatever test you will be given, you try it at least 2 times before the day of preseason.

Here we go:

1. Map out a plan and STICK to it.

2. Eat well (plenty of protein and post-workout shakes that will help you recover.

3. Recover. This means rest, sleep, ice, and foam roll.

My plan looked like this-


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday : Speed + Agility

  • 4 x 18 yard sprint (jog back) (20 second rest)

  • 4x 60 yard spring (jog back) (30 sec second rest)

  • 4 x 120 yard sprint (jog back) (1 min rest)

-3 min rest-