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Soccer Technical Drill (Air Balls and Controls)


Have you tried this?

My favorite training tip

High Low Controls

What is it good for? Controls out of the air, kicking technique, lobbing, and reaction.

How? Make sure you lock out your foot (pointing toe completely out). When you kick up for your HIGH ball, make sure its a strong flexed out foot. Kick up with leg locked out and with the help of your hip flexor / quad.

For the LOW ball, as the ball is dropping...lock that foot out again. As its about to make contact you make a "dead" foot (with no power kick up) giving it less power and a lower control / touch.

My club coach when I was 14 would make us practice this for hourrrssss. Before training sessions we would start with skills (which I loved) and this was one of my favorite ones that always stuck with me. You can always switch up the patters: High Low... High High Low... Low Low High... etc. Its challenging and keeps you on your toes.

When I train youth players this is one of the skills I teach and for many it is difficult. For that reason I wanted to share this so it can be put to practice.

Enjoy and happy training!


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